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Arena Active Protection System


protection of main battle tanks (MBT) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) from antitank rocket-propelled grenades fired from any kind of launchers, ground-based and helicopter-borne antitank missiles intended to destroy the target by direct impact and in a fly-over attack.                        

System components:

- detection and control equipment: radar, computer, commander's control console, command conversion units;
- countermeasures: protective rounds (PR) and launch cells;
- test equipment.

System features:

  • target detection and tracking by a multi-function radar with ‘instantaneous’ view of the entire protected sector;
  • aimed engagement of targets by superfast protective rounds of narrow-field action;
  • entirely automatic (crew-unattended) operation;
  • all-weather day-and-night operation, target detection and destruction under any carrier's operating conditions incl. those on the move and during turret rotation;
  • large defended sector in azimuth (220°…270°) that rotates with the turret;
  • small dangerous zone (20…30 meters in radius) for accompanying dismounted infantry, no effects on the carrier's external equipment and system components themselves when the protecting round operates;
  • sufficient redundancy and possibility of engagement of multiple targets including those from the same direction;
  • high counter countermeasure capability and stealth employment;
  • rejection of low-speed objects, splinters, bullets, and small-calibre shell explosions, targets moving away from or flying past the carrier;
  • system's electromagnetic compatibility with carrier systems and between several APSs when they are used on a group of carriers;
  • high safety level.




Operating modes

automatic, all-weather, day-and-night

Target detection and tracking


Target velocity, m/s


Protection sector in azimuth, deg.

Up to 270

Detection range of approaching targets, m

about 50

System reaction time, s


Power consumption, kW

Less than 1

Supply power, VDC


System weight, kg


Volume of behind-armour equipment, dm3

Less than 30

Number of protective rounds

Greater than 22

Radius of zone dangerous for accompanying dismounted infantry, m


КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" на танке Т-80У КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" на танке Т-72
Arena-E APS mounted on a T-80U MBT Arena-E APS mounted on a T-72 MBT
КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" на танке Т-80У КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" на БМП-3
Test range trials of a T-80U mounted Arena-E APS MBT Arena-E APS mounted on a BMP-3 IFV

Engagement of a RPG-7 rocket by Arena-E APS

КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э"
КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э" КБМ Коломна КАЗ "Арена-Э"