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Set of Carrier Equipment

КБМ Коломна КОН


The set of carrier equipment (SCE) is intended for installation of a 9S846 Strelets SEM on a launch platform to guide and fire missiles. The base plate of the rotating mount protects the carrier's components from a launched missile's exhausts; the system is designed as a load-bearing frame with a floor for the operator to stand on. The base plate is fastened to the load-bearing frame thus forming space to accommodate two standard missile containers and the power supply system.






SCE features:

  • simple design and easy combat operation (operated by a single gunner);
  • easy adaptation to carriers of various types;
  • capability to launch missiles both at a short halt and on the move (up to 20km/h);
  • mobility of combat use when installed on light cross-country vehicles;
  • increased number of possible launches per gunner due to carried combat load of four missiles.

Major specifications

Laying angles, deg:

- azimuth

- elevation



-10 to +60

SCE weight (incl. Strelets SEM and carried combat load), kg


Overall dimensions, mm:

- height in combat/folded position

- width with open/folded sides:

- length





Time for changing from folded to combat position, s


Carried missile load, pcs.

4 missiles (in two standard containers)

Power supply system:

Provides power from:

1) carrier's mains;
2) set of batteries;
3) external power source (e.g. gasoline engine generating set) providing 220VAC output of more than 1kVA.

Any means of transportation (vehicle, APC, etc.) with carrying capacity exceeding 700kg can be used as a SCE carrier.

SCE design


1 – Tilting part

2 – Control console with control handles and sight

3 – Rotating stand

4 – Operator's seat

5 - Strelets SEM

6 - Missiles

КБМ Коломна КОН



1 – Floor with carried missile load

2 – Guard shield

3 – Carrier

КБМ Коломна КОН

Application examples

КБМ Коломна КОН КБМ Коломна КОН

Installation on Toyota Land Cruiser

Installation on Seam