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Luchnik-E very short range air defence missile system


The Luchnik-E Very Short Range Air Defence Missile System (VSHORAD MS) developed by KBM RPC, JSC together with SAZ JSC and GRPZ JSC is intended for protection of small-size assets and military units (including those on the march) from low-flying air threats by engaging them with 9M342 fire-and-forget missiles from the 9К338 Igla-S MANPADS in optical countermeasure and natural clutter environment, round-the-clock in an automatic mode of target detection and tracking.



The system is capable of defeating advanced fixed - and rotary-wing tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles in the day- and night-time. The system can engage air threats while moving at up to 20km/h.


Luchnik-E VSHORAD MS features:

● high mobility, autonomous operation,  cross-country and amphibious capability, transportable by a helicopter as a sling lift, by air, railway, water, and semitrailers;

● highly concealed combat use due to employment of passive day and night surveillance and tracking means;

● possibility of both autonomous operation and as part of an air-defence unit (battery) under automated combat management from battery command posts such as 9S737MK Ranzhir-MK, PPRU-M1,  PU-12 etc.;

● either automatic cued or autonomous target search by scanning in the ordered sector of responsibility, manual/automatic target acquisition and tracking of up to 4 targets by the on-board electro-optical day-and-night station (EODNS);

● selection of missile firing mode based on air situation, target type, and required destruction level;

● optional capability of shoulder-firing by two operators with launching mechanisms from the combat vehicle's organic equipment; 

● increased carried missile load.

Major specifications:

Number of missiles on launcher/in stowage, pcs


Firing mode

Single, successive, salvo launch; head-on, tail-chase

Launcher laying angles, deg:
- azimuth
- elevation

– 15 to +70

Number of independent firing channels (including shoulder-firing by crew members)

Three (3):
1 channel: CV launcher,
2 channels: two 9P522 launching mechanisms
Target detection range, km:
- rotary-wing aircraft
- fixed-wing aircraft

not less than 4.5;
not less than 6;
not less than 10

System reaction time,   not greater than,  s:


Time for changing CV from travelling to combat position and vice versa, max., minutes


Time for reloading complete missile load (eight missiles) by two crew members, max., minutes


Time for combat readiness of deployed combat equipment from power-off condition, minutes


Maximum speed on road/afloat, km/h






Combat equipment:

- I34 combat vehicle (CV organic equipment includes two 9P522 launching mechanisms of Igla-S MANPADS);

- 9M342 missiles of Igla-S MANPADS.

Maintenance facilities:

- 9V866-2 mobile test station (MTS) for scheduled checks of 9M342 missiles and 9P522 LMs;

- 9F719-2 test equipment set for scheduled checks of 9M342 missiles and 9P522 LMs (for arsenals and depots);

- maintenance kit for CV servicing.

Training aids:

-AKYAT.00002  training set for training operators in target search, detection and lock-on, and in launching missiles;

-9M342-MAKET.000 size-and-weight dummy of the missile in launch tube for training operators in missile reloading on the CV;

-288.50.00. 000 set of size-and-weight dummies of the universal launch module for training operators in missile reloading on the CV.