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Strelets set of control equipment and launch modules

КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец"


The Strelets set of control equipment and launch modules (SEM) is designed to provide an automated remote launch capability in either single-round successive or salvo modes of Igla and Igla-s type missiles when mounted on various ground-, air-, and sea-based launch platforms.


Strelets SEM combat equipment


Strelets SEM features

  • Tailoring to various launch platforms (self-propelled, air-borne, ship-based) without deterioration of missile performance and limitations on carrier specifications.
  • Installation of up to 4 ULMs controlled by a single control and communications equipment unit.
  • Salvo launch of two missiles (from two carrier sides).
  • Modular design providing for quick return to operational availability after inflicted damage.


Major specifications:

Number of ULM-loaded missiles, pcs.


Reaction time (minimum time from BCU activation till launch), s



Maximum time allowed for aiming, s

Up to 60

Firing modes

Single-round, successive,
salvo from two sides

Missile loading/unloading time for one person, min.

Less than 3.3

Unloaded ULM weight, kg

Less than 41

CCE weight, kg

Less than 4.5

 Set components

  • Combat equipment:
  •      universal launch module (ULM);
  •      control and communications equipment (CCE).
  • Test and maintenance facilities:
    • Test equipment;
    • Group SPTA kit.
КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец" КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец"

Application variants:

- Development of ground-based self-propelled short-range surface-to-air missile systems using Igla-S type missiles

КБМ Коломна БМ "Шилка" КБМ Коломна БМ "Лучник-Э"
Shilka combat vehicle Luchnik-E combat vehicle
КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец" КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец"
Strelets SEM installed on
Aselsan (Turkey) NIMR chassis
M113 APC-mounted Strelets SEM

- Arming helicopters and small fixed-wing aircraft with missiles

КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец" КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец"
Mi-28N helicopter Ka-52 helicopter

- Development of ship-based self-defence short-range modules

КБМ Коломна КУВ "Гибка" КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец" КБМ Коломна КАМ "Стрелец"

Gibka autonomous
self-defence module

Gibka-R turret Salvo launch from Gibka auto-
nomous self-defence module