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9K38 Igla man-portable air defence system

ПЗРК "Игла" КБМ Коломна


intended to defeat approaching and receding jet-engine, turboprop, propeller-driven fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters round the clock when they are visually observed against clutter background and in infrared countermeasure environment.
High counter-countermeasure resistance. Round the clock identification friend-or-foe. Main combat employment – shoulder-firing. Launch options include a 203-OPU Dzhigit support launching unit and 9S846 Strelets set of control equipment and launch modules.



 Major features of Igla MANPADS: 

  • two-colour seeker;
  • automatic entry of lead and elevation angles at launch;
  • target selection when it deploys IR decoys;
  • software-driven target adaptive guidance;
  • detonation of sustainer's remaining propellant together with warhead activation;
  • disabling launches at friendly targets.

System components:

  • combat equipment:
    • 9M39 missile in 9P39 launch tube
    • 9B238 battery and coolant unit
    • 9P516 launching mechanism
  • target cuing equipment: 1L15-1 portable electronic plot
  • maintenance facilities:
    • 9V866 (9V866M) test vehicle;
    • 9F719 (9F719M) test equipment set (for depots and arsenals)
  • training aids:
    • 9K38 combat equipment cut-away training dummy set;
    • 9K38 combat equipment size and weight mock-up set;
    • 9F663 (9F663M) training set;
    • 9F635 (9F635M1) field trainer;
    • 9F859 universal complex simulator;
    • 9F874 unified indoor simulator.


System specifications:

 Target altitude, m


 Target range, m


 Target speed, m/s:

            head-on engagement

 Up to 360

            tail-chase engagement

 Up to 320

 Combat equipment weight, kg (in combat position)


Major missile specifications:

 Missile calibre, mm


 Missile length, mm


 Missile launch weight, kg





 Solid-propellant, two-thrust


 Blast fragmentation

 Aerodynamic configuration


 Flight control

 Aerodynamic surfaces, powder thruster at initial trajectory


 Optical, two-colour, homing (passive)

 Control system