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Shturm-S self-propelled antitank missile system

КБМ Коломна БМ 9П149 "Штурм-С"


Designed to destroy current and future main battle tanks including those protected by ERA, small surface ships, low-flying air targets, field fortifications, manpower under cover and in the open round the clock, in benign and adverse weather, with dust and smoke obscurants on the battlefield.


- 9P149 combat vehicle (MTLB chassis);
- 9M114 guided round;
- 9M114F guided missile;
- 9M120 guided missile;
- 9M120F guided missile;
- 9M120F-1 guided missile;
- 9M120-1 antitank guided missile;
- 9M120-1F guided missile;
- 9M120-1F-1 guided missile;
- 9V868 mobile test station;
- 9V540 test equipment;
- SPTA kit (individual, group, and repair);
- 9F618М1 trainer;
- 9M114PRAKT practice guided missile;
- 9M120PRAKT practice guided missile;
- 9M120-1PRAKT practice guided missile;
- 9M114MAKET, 9M120MAKET training dummies (size and weight mock-ups);
- 9M120UCHEBN. training missile;
- 9M114Razr. cut-out missile;
- 9M120Razr. cut-out missile;
- 9M120F Razr. cut-out missile;
- set of instructional charts.

KBM R&P Corp., JSC, is the manufacturer of 9M120-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 missiles, performs 9P149 CV overhaul, and renders services at training crews.

9P149 combat vehicle

The 9P149 combat vehicle is intended to destroy moving and stationary air and ground targets, short-term missile storage, transportation, launch, and guidance to the target. It is designed as a self-propelled launcher outfitted with equipment for target detection, missile guidance, communications, and power supply.
The 9P149 combat vehicle is based on a MTLB chassis. The 9P149 crew is 2 persons. The vehicle is of a cross-country type and can be operated under effects of mass destruction weapons. The missile load carried with the 9P149 CV and arranged in an automated stowage is composed of a mixture of 12 missiles: 9M114, 9M120, 9M120-1, 9M114F, 9M120F, 9M120F-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1. Loading the retractable launcher with a missile from the automated stowage is automatic. Loading missiles to the stowage is manual. The retractable launcher carries a single container with a missile.
The 9P149 CV is provided with an optical control device and a radio command datalink equipment. Engagement of targets at night requires target illumination, e.g., with illuminating shells.
The operational letter-coded frequency for the radio command datalink equipment is set by a switch before loading. The DUST (above LOS) flight mode parameters are set mechanically before launch using a control panel.
The CV launch rate is up to 3-4 missiles per minute.
Missiles are launched from a stationary position, consecutively, with a 20-second launch interval.
9P149 CV firing sector:
            - azimuth: from minus 85 to plus 85 degrees;
            - elevation: from minus  5 to plus 15 degrees.
Maximum firing range: 5000 m, min..
Minimum firing range: 400 m.
CV operational conditions:
            - above sea altitude: 0 to 3000 m;
            - temperature range: from minus 40 to plus 50 °C.
            - range of above sea altitudes for launching:
                        - 9M114, 9M114F missiles: 0 to 3000 m;
                        - 9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1 missiles:  0 to 4000 m;
                        - 9M120-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 missiles: 0 to 4000 m.
Functional checks of the 9P149 CV are conducted by means of a 9V868 mobile test station.

9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1 guided missiles

The missile has a canard configuration. The rear portion of the missile body houses control and guidance equipment (C&G section).

The C&G section accommodates a radio receiver and radio responder to ensure radio command guidance of the missile. The operational letter-coded frequency of the radio command datalink is set mechanically before loading, the radio command datalink code is sent to the C&G section equipment by applying voltage to appropriate contacts of the launcher.

Specifications of 9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1 missiles

Minimum firing range

400 m

Maximum firing range

5000 m

Missile's in-flight speed 


9M120 missile warhead

Tandem HEAT (armour penetration, at least, 800 mm behind ERA)

9M120F missile warhead

HE (of FAE type)

9M120F-1 missile warhead


Missile guidance

By radio commands, the equipment includes a radio datalink receiver and a responder unit with a pulse flash lamp in the C&G section

Warhead diameter

130 mm

Missile length
(in transport and launch container , TLC)

1832 mm

Missile weight in TLC

50 kg, max.

Conditions of missile combat use:

- range of altitudes above sea level
- temperature range


0 to 4000 m

When in service, the 9M120, 9M120F, 9M120F-1 missiles are subject to checks with a 9V540 test equipment.