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Коломна КБМ КУВ "Атака-ВН"Purpose:

The ATAKA-VN system arming the Mi-28N helicopter is designed to defeat  main battle tanks and other moving armoured targets, reinforced-concrete bunkers, armoured turrets and field fortifications, short-range air-defence systems, manpower under cover and in the open as well as low-level slow aerial targets. It is highly effective, precise, and countermeasure-resistant. It can attack threats round the clock, in benign and restrictedly severe weather conditions.





Missiles with tandem HEAT and HE warheads are used to destroy targets. The ATAKA-VN system works together with the Mi-28N heli-borne radio-electronic  equipment and its weapon control system.

Launch range is 800 to 6,000 meters in the day-time and 800 to 4,000 meters at night.

The ATAKA-VN system includes the following components:

- round-the-clock surveillance and targeting station used to search for, detect, recognize, manually/automatically track ground, above-water, aerial moving and stationary targets;

- command transmission equipment;

- two launchers (starboard and port side) for connecting missile's electrical circuits to the helicopter's weapon control system;

- carried missile load.

System control is semiautomatic, direction-finding, by radio commands.