КБМ Коломна КУВ "Штурм-ВУ"Purpose:

The SHTURM-VU guided weapon system with a multi-channel laser-beam riding guidance is designed to destroy arsenals, bunkers, pillboxes, light-armoured materiel, stationary and moving tank-type targets, slow aerial helicopter-type targets, manpower in the field and under cover. The system operates round the clock, in benign and restrictedly severe weather conditions. The system is customized for installation on Ka-52 helicopters.

The 9M120-1 missile with a tandem HEAT warhead and the 9M120-1F missile with a HE warhead are used as combat effectors.



The SHTURM-VU system mounted on a Ka-type helicopter includes:

- round-the-clock targeting system along with the laser guidance equipment and video image processing system that incorporates an OKHOTNIK (“Hunter”) automatic TV target tracker,

- computer used to implement missile gathering algorithms and information field control during the missile gathering phase.

The SHTURM-VU system works together with the following helicopter equipment:

- multifunctional displays (2 for the pilot and 2 for the operator);

- fire control system;

- aircraft launchers.

System specifications:

Launch range at day/night:

- minimum 1000/1000 m

- maximum 6000/3500…4000 m

Control system:   semiautomatic multi-channel

remote-orientation laser-beam riding