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The SHTURM-VK guided weapon system arming Mi-35M helicopters is used to destroy such stationary/moving ground targets as T-80 tanks, bunkers, earth-and-timber pillboxes, light-armoured materiel, helicopter-type slow aerial targets, manpower under cover. Launch range is 1000…5800 m at day and 1000…4000 m at night.

The heli-borne SHTURM-VK system is one of the most advanced weapon in its category. Its introduction to the armament of the Mi-35M helicopter substantially improves combat effectiveness of the platform and allows to implement the guided weapon over a wide range of ambient conditions, round the clock, in benign and restrictedly severe weather.

The ATAKA missile that belongs to the SHTURM-VK system is in full production. Its high performance was proved by tests and during military operation, incl. real combat conditions.

The missile was designed to comply with the guided weapon maintenance system existing with the services, personnel training without investment of additional expenditures.

The achieved system performance, broad avenue for missile modernization within next 10-15 years are going to preserve the superiority of the SHTURM-VK system over the best foreign counterparts.

The SHTURM-VK system includes:

- round-the-clock surveillance and targeting system;

- radio command equipment;

- ballistic computer.