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Iskander-E tactical ballistic missile system

искандерThe Iskander-E high-precision missile system is intended for concealed preparation for and delivery of effective missile attacks on priority smalls-size and area targets in the operational depth of enemy formations.

Major targets:

- command posts and communications centres;
- large concentrations of troops;
- fire power assets;
- air defence and ATBM facilities;
- parked rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.


Major features of missile system:

- high-precision and effective destruction of various target types with penetration of ATBM defence;

- concealed launch preparation, combat alert and effective delivery of missile attacks;

- automatic calculation and entry of missile flight data through launcher equipment;

- high probability of the missile's failure-free operation during prelaunch activities and in flight;

- high tactical manoeuvrability due to cross-country capability of combat vehicles based on all-wheel drive chassis;

- strategic mobility due to transportability of system vehicles by all means of transportation;

- automated combat control of missile units, quick processing of intelligence data and its forwarding to appropriate control authorities.

The Iskander-E missile system provides for accomplishment of combat missions in all modes of army combats, in various theartres of war, round the clock, in ATBM and electronic war environment.

 Functionally, the system can be devided in:

- combat equipment:  missiles, transporters-erectors-launchers (TEL), transloaders;

- battlefield management and information systems integrated in the command post vehicle (CPV);

- maintenance and repair facilities: scheduled maintenance vehicle and depot equipment set;

- crew life support vehicle for the personnel on the combat alert at the launch site;

- training aids: missile's training mock-up, equipment sets for TEL and CPV training classrooms, set of instructional charts.

искандерThe missile system ensures combat operation with the launch site and target at an altitude of up to 3,000 m above sea level, the TEL taking either an open position or being positioned in an emplacement without survey and weather support and without engineering organization of the launch site.

High precision at a significant range, short readiness time (between 4 and 16 minutes depending on the system readiness state), powerful combat payload and high probability of ATMB penetration ensure that the system is capable to quickly defeat any target type by launching one missile or two in salvo.

System's major specifications:

A) Missile

Effective launch range, km:



Launch weight, kg 3,800
Combat payload weight, kg 480
Launcher weight with missiles 42,300
Warhead: -  fragmentation
-  blast & fragmentation
-  penetrating HE 
Missile engine Solid propellant
Control system strapdown inertial, integratable with  optical seeker and cosmic navigational  systems Glonass and GPS

 B) Transporter-erector-launcher:

 Chassis cross-country, wheeled
Full weight, incl. crew and load, kg 42,300
 Road speed, max., km/h 80
 Fuel range, km 1,000
Number of missiles, pcs. 2
Crew, persons  3

C) Transloader:

Chassis cross-country, wheeled
Full weight, incl. crew and load, kg  40,000
Road speed, max., km/h 80
Fuel range, km  1,000
Number of transported missiles, pcs. 2
Crew 2

D) Command post vehicle:

Chassis type KAMAZ-43101
Full weight of complete and filled item, kg 14,000
Range coverage of radio set on the move, km:
short waves

up to 25
up to 40
Time for solving calculation tasks, s, max 10
Crew 3
Operation life of system components 10 years, incl. 3 years in the field
Operation temperature range, °C minus 50 to +50