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9F635M1 improved field trainer for Igla family MANPADS gunners

Manufacturer: Tulatochmash JSC, city of Tula



  • mastering by gunners of basic skills at MANPADS CE use indoors; 
  • maintaining and improving acquired skills, psychophysical training, control over operation as part of a subunit on air defence system stations and unorganized terrain in any weather and season.


 КБМ Коломна учебные средства тренажёр


  • instructor's console;
  • Igla-type MANPADS simulators (3 pcs.);
  • dynamically similar aircraft model;
  • autonomous power supply unit.



  • number of simultaneously trained gunners: 3 persons;
  • communication range between instructor's workstation and aircraft model, max.: 100 m;
  • communication range to aircraft model via radio, max.: 3000 m;
  • aircraft model flight endurance, max.: 30 minutes;
  • maintenance personnel: 2 persons;
  • time of continuous operation, max.: 8 hours;
  • power supply: 220VAC/50Hz/1.5 kW;
  • ambient temperature: minus 30 to +40˚ C.



  • training of gunners in MANPADS CE combat use indoors and in the field by means of electronic launches at real and simulated air targets;
  • maintaining and checking of training level of gunners in such combat operation skills as determination of target type and flight parameters (range, heading, speed, crossover range, height);
  • training in determination of launch envelopes and time point, target lock-on, tracking, and SAM launch simulation in head-on/tail-chase manual/automatic modes;
  • possibility for the instructor to create unlimited number of his own mission tasks by selecting specific target type, speed, trajectory, weather conditions, and background/countermeasure environment;
  • automatic scoring of trainee's performance;
  • storage and account of training results in a single data base.