Russia, Moscow region, Kolomna city
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9F663M tactical field training set

Manufacturer: ZiD JSC, city of Kovrov


  • training of Igla-type MANPADS gunners in combat employment of MANPADS CE individually or as part of a subunit;
  • MANPADS CE operation against real, training targets, air target simulator (ATS);
  • psycho-physiological training of gunners;
  • supervision over trainees' activities and their safe execution.


КБМ Коломна учебные средства тренажёры


  • hardware and software system (HSS);
  • simulators of Igla-type MANPADS combat equipment (up to 16 pcs.);
  • unmanned aerial system (UAS).



  • number of simultaneously controlled trainees: up to 16 persons;
  • number of instructor's workstations: 1;
  • time of continuous operation, max.: 4 hours;
  • lock-on range for MANPADS CE simulator:

- ATS: 100 m,

-  real target: up to 1,500 m;

  • maximum data RX/TX distance between TFTS components:

-   CE simulator to HSS: 400 m;

-    HSS to UAS: 1,500 m;

  • power sources for TFTS components: rechargeable batteries (HSS can run off a 220VAC, 50Hz mains);
  • operating temperatures: minus 20 to +50˚ C;
  • maximum number of launches of missile slugs from MANPADS CE simulator: 30 launches;
  • number of booster motors per one MANPADS CE simulator: 30 pcs.



  • training of gunners to acquire skills at preparation for and execution of launches of combat MANPADS missiles against a real target and UAS;
  • performance of activities to prepare for and carry out the launch of a missile slug identical with those during a launch of a combat MANPADS missiles accompanied with the same sound effects and loads;
  • estimation and analysis of conditions required to receive a launch enable command allowing to fire a missile slug;
  • documentation of gunner's performance data;
  • electronic saving and storage of data related to TFTS operation during its entire operation life;
  • real-time data display;
  • testing of TFTS components.