Russia, Moscow region, Kolomna city
phone: +7 (496) 615-50-04; +7 (496) 616-34-68

9F877 computerized training class for MANPADS study

 КБМ Коломна компьютерный класс 9Ф877КБМ Коломна компьютерный класс 9Ф877


  • study into physical principles of MANPADS design;  
  • study of MANPADS design;  
  • study of MANPADS operation and combat use;  
  • multi-level tests of trainees' knowledge;
  • occupational screening of MANPADS specialists.


  • instructor's workstation;
  • trainees' workstations;
  • LAN server;
  • presentation equipment: projector, wall screen,  radio system with microphone, speakers;
  • working places for occupational screening.


  • number of instructor's workstations: 1;
  • number of trainee's workstations: up to 20;
  • number of occupational screening workstations: 1;
  • setup time of deployed training class, max.: 30 minutes;
  • time of continuous operation, max.: 8 hours;
  • power supply: 220 VAC/50 Hz/10 kW.


  • conduct of lectures using audio/video/graphic instructional materials;
  • conduct of self-study training and self-check of acquired knowledge;
  • check of trainees' knowledge by classroom tests and exams;
  • saving of knowledge check results to a data base;
  • occupational screening of trainees based on dedicated tests, documentation of test results and saving them to a data base.