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KONUS universal complex simulator for IGLA-type MANPADS gunners

Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус"

Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус"

Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус" Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус" Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус"   Коломна КБМ тренажёр ПЗРК "Конус"


  • training of gunners in employment of combat equipment (CE) of Igla type MANPADS, Dzhigit support launching unit (SLU), Strelets set of control equipment and launch modules (SEM);
  • training of gunners for maintaining and improving acquired skills.


Simulator components:

  • CE simulator (selected by the customer for Igla-1, Igla, Igla-S, 203-OPU Dzhigit SLU, Strelets SEM with the appropriate software);
  • screen system (screen, projectors, acoustic subsystem);
  • hardware system (computers, network hubs);
  • instructor's workstation (monitors, printer, keyboard, emulator);
  • set of cables.



  • overall dimensions: 11,200 by 9200 by 3800 mm;
  • field of regard:
                     - azimuth: 192˚;
                     - elevation: 60˚;
  • power supply: 220 VAC/50 Hz/5 kW;
  • maximum number of simulated launches in an hour: 40;
  • setup time of deployed simulator: 15 minutes;
  • operating personnel: 1 person;
  • time of continuous operation: 8 hours;
  • room temperature: +5 till +35˚ C.


Simulator features:

  • operation of one CE simulator running the appropriate software
  • target detection, determination of the type, estimation of the crossover range, height, and speed of a simulated target;
  • estimation of  launch envelope boundaries for engagement of both receding and approaching targets;
  • provision for activities required at target detection, tracking, lock-on, missile launch in automatic and manual mode for head-on and tail-chase engagements;
  • setting various launch conditions: absence/presence of target manoeuvre, infrared (IR) decoys, modulated jamming, background clutter (sun radiation, clouds), moving platform (vehicle, tank, APC, ship), environment/terrain features/types;
  • multiple repetition by the gunner of most complicated pre-launch and launch actions under the instructor's supervision;
  • control and evaluation of trainees' activities during training incl. analysis of a performed training session with its playback;
  • automatic evaluation of the trainee's performance during electronic test launches;
  • documentation of training statistics.



Simulators supplied as a part of systems produced by JSC "RPC "KBM"