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The best MANPADS Army operator to find out

Today the test range of the Training centre for air defence forces of the Russian Army (Krasnodar territory) will see the start of the Army leg of the Serene Sky 2017 competition held within the framework of the Army international games, tells the Russian MoD press service.

The competition participants include servicemen of the Russian armed forces represented as teams from all military districts, airborne troops and coast guard of the Northern Fleet.

There was prepared a special track running along the sea coast of Azov. The sea-shore route length is 8.2 km and 10.7 km.

Covering the course on an APC, MANPADS  operators are tasked to fire live Igla MANPADS missiles on assigned firing lines at popping up to 15 meters remote targets simulating red-force rotary aircraft.

The competitors will have then to shoot down receding and approaching high-speed targets simulating red-force fixed-wing aircraft.

Missiles will be launched by gunners both from the ground and when BTR-80-mounted which includes on-the-move firing.

The track is not a highway and includes various obstacles such as fords, antitank trenches, treadway bridges etc.

The competition is going to finish on June 26.