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Zhukov state prize conferred on KBM general designer

КБМ Коломна премия им. ЖуковаBy decree of the President of the Russian Federation No.207 dated 10 May 2017 Valery M. Kashin, «RPC «KBM» JSC general designer, was awarded the Russian Federation state prize named after USSR Marshal G.K. Zhukov in the field of armament and military equipment.

At the same time, the prize was conferred on the heads of another three key cooperating companies involved in Iskander-M SRBM system development, full-scale production, and package supply of the Army within the timeframe set forth in the state defence order. They are: A.B. Shapovalov, TSNIIAG JSC general director; V.A. Shurygin, FNPTS Titan−Barrikady JSC general director and general designer; P.I. Kamnev, Armaz−Antey JSC scientific head, and V.G. Tolmachyov, Votkinskiy zavod JSC general director.

The Russian Federation state prize named after USSR Marshal G.K. Zhukov was instituted in pursuance of Article 4 of the federal law On Perpetuation of the Victory of the Soviet People in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War enacted in 1996. It is awarded in the field of military science, development of armament and military equipment, literature and art. The prize may be conferred but once which speaks of its exclusiveness and high status. The prize winners are announced on the eve of the Victory Day. The prize plaque is placed on the right side of the chest above state decorations.

Our congratulations to Valery Mikhaylovich Kashin on this well-deserved  high award!