KBM General designer elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

КБМ Коломна В. М. КашинValery M. Kashin was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics, and managerial processes branch, Managerial processes, mechanical engineering section). Election returns were proclaimed on 28 October 2016.

Valery M. Kashin is General designer of the «Research-and-production corporation «Konstruktorskoye byuro mashynostroyeniya» joint stock company.

PhD (Engineering), associate professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Science (RAMAAS), Distinguished Designer of the Russian Federation, RF state prize winner in the field of science and engineering (2004), science and technologies (2007), double winner of the prize of the Russian Government in the field of science and engineering (2009, 2015), holder of the Order of Honour, the Order of Merit to the Fatherland (4th degree), the Author of scientific discovery medal from the Kapitsa Russian academy of natural science, Utkin Golden medal, Makeyev medal of the Russian cosmonautics federation, departmental awards.

In 1971 Valery M. Kashin graduated with honours from the Bauman MSTU majoring in Production of aerial vehicles. He continued his studies as a postgraduate at the Bauman MSTU. In April 1974, upon completion of the postgraduate studies he moved to Kolomna to be employed at KBM. He started as a design engineer then was promoted consecutively to sector head, laboratory head, department deputy head, department head chief, First Deputy Chief Designer. In 2005 he became KBM Head and Chief Designer and then General Designer.

Record of scientific service by Valery M. Kashin counts more than 40 years. During this period of time he personally or as a co-author issued more than 150 scientific papers including 4 treatises, more than 80 publications, 7 methodical manuals, he obtained 58 certificates of and patents for invention.

Valery M. Kashin is Russia's leading expert in high-precision weapon systems. He directly participated in or was in charge of development of  a series of high-precision armament excelling their international counterparts:

-   Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile system,

-   Khrizantema-S, the world's first all-weather multi-purpose antitank missile system,

-   Igla-S, Verba MANPADS,

-   guided weapon systems. An interservice multi-purpose high-precision missile system was developed whose combat equipment is standardized for a wide variety of launch platforms (helicopters, combat vehicles, naval vessels),

-   Arena active protection system for armoured vehicles.

For the last decade, KBM under the leadership of Valery M. Kashin developed more than 20 high-precision weapon systems and their versions which successfully passed state trials and are now in full-scale production.

In the framework of implementation of federal target programs, KBM introduces latest advanced technologies in the field of computer-based research, development, manufacture, and tests of articles and their subsystems.

Varely M. Kashin is working in close and fruitful collaboration with leading scientists and advanced R&D entities: RAS Siberian branch, RFYATS-VNIIEF FSUP, GosNIIAS FSUP, Kavmo JSC, Elektropribor TSNII JSC, Orion NPO JSC, Altay FNPTS JSC, Bauman MSTU, MIET research university, MIREA MSTU, Ustinov Voyenmehk Baltic state technological university and other more.

Valery M. Kashin's theoretical achievements are recognized by research and scientific entities of the Russian MoD, his scientific ideas and practical recommendations have been implemented in the development of new high-precision weapon systems.

Valery M. Kashin is a person of scientific, research and military sophistication. He contributes to leading scientific periodicals, is a member of editorial boards of such scientific and technical papers as «Oboronnaya tekhnika» (Defence equipment), «Voprosy oboronnoy tekhniki» (Defense equipment issues), member of editorial council of scientific and technical magazines «Boyepripasy i spetskhimiya» (Ammunition and special-purpose chemicals) and «Boyepripasy i vysokoenergeticheskiye kondensirovannyye systemy» (Ammunition and energetic condensed materials), Herald of RF MPC STC.

Valery M. Kashin chairs section No.5, Ground-based general-purpose materiel, of the Scientific and technical council (STC) of the Military and production commission (MPC) under the Russian Government; section No.11, General-purpose armament at the Rostekhnologii state corporation; section No.1, Missile systems, of research department No.2,  Armament for ground warfare, of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Science; he is a member of the STC at the Rostekhnologii state corporation. Valery M. Kashin is a member of the Russian ministry for industry and trade STC presidum and heads the Production of conventional armament, munitions, and special chemical products STC section of the Russian ministry for industry and trade.

Valery M. Kashin is engaged in great amount of educational work. Since 2013 he has been head of chair SM-6, Rocket and Pulsed Systems, at the Bauman MSTU, member of thesis council DS 212.008.04 at the Bauman MSTU, member of thesis council DS 407.002.01 at TsNIAAG JSC, member of Federal teaching and methodological association for enlarged specialties and qualification groups 17.00.00, Armament and weapon systems, chairman of teaching and methodological counsel for the Gunnery, artillery, and missilery course of study.

Valery M. Kashin places emphasis on widening scientific and engineering resources of KBM R&P Corp., JSC. Now the company employs 4 doctors of engineering, 29 candidates of science, 5 associate professors, RAMAAS members, 9 postgraduates.

Valery M. Kashin's scientific and production work is honoured with many state awards and titles.