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Army-2016 opens up new vistas

The Army-2016 international military and technology assembly has called it a day. During the first three days the exhibition lots were open to specialists only. On the weekend they became accessible to the public.

According to Aleksey Azbukin, KBM deputy subdepartment head and KBM stand attendant, “the exhibition showed practically all the weapons produced in Russia and CIS. The forum is intended to attract buyers of armament from Russia and CIS. The exhibition was visited also by a great deal of foreign delegations — much more as compared with the previous year. It corroborates the fact that the exhibition profile is getting higher, interest in it is just intensifying despite sanctions imposed on Russia.”

KBM exhibited its products in all business sectors. It included the latest developments: ПЗРК Verba MANPADS and Gibka-S air defence combat vehilces. According to the opinion of the TASS military editorial staff, the Gibka-S system was among the most attractive weapon systems displayed at the exhibition (source:

КБМ Коломна Международный военно-технический форум "Армия-2016" КБМ Коломна Международный военно-технический форум "Армия-2016"

The KBM stand was visited by delegations from ministries of defence of India, Bangladesh, Kongo, Burundi, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Quatar, Algeria, Sri Lanka, and others, said G.N Kuzyk, deputy head of KBM department for import and export of special hardware and services. The delegations were headed by the highest military leadership: ministers of defence, their deputies, commanders in chief of individual combat arms.  This is the proof that the foreign military are interested in our products which opens opportunities for deliveries because the decision on armament acquisition made by the government of any country is based on recommendations by servicemen in the first place. The most interest by guests was shown in the Verba MANPADS and its components for enhancing combat efficiency: small-size radar, automated cuing and targeting sets etc.

KBM products were shown not only on the stand but also on the open site sponsored by Russia's MoD. There, visitors could see Iskander-M SRBM TEL and Tochka-U TBM TEL, Shturm-S ATGW combat vehicle, and other materiel.

The open site was of particular interest for the public who came en famille because it was allowed to touch, climb, and photograph exhibits and what is most important children could be told about the Russian armed forces which are the world's best thanks to our gifted designers and manufacturers who equip them with the world's best weapons.