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Southern military district troops conduct training in combat use of Iskander-M SRBM systems

КБМ Коломна ОТРК "Искандер-М" As told by the press service of the Southern military district (SMD), the units of a missile brigade of the SMD combined forces deployed in the Republic of Northern Ossetia - Alania are to conduct a tactical exercise on the Kapustin Yar (Astrakhan region) involving electronic training launches from an Iskander-M SRBM system.

The exercise planned to last till 16 September involves about 300 servicemen and more than 40 pieces of weapon systems and military hardware.

The exercise foresees  Iskander-M SRBM deployment, occupation and organization of launch positions, pre-launch sequences. The crews are due to perform several electronic training launches of missiles against various targets.

The missile brigade was activated and armed with an Iskander-M SRBM set early December 2015. The brigade set is composed of about 50 pieces of military hardware, including TELs, TLVs, CPVs, IPS, and others.

Source: Russia's MoD web site