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In August it will be decided who is the best IGLA MANPADS operator

From 1 till 11 August the Yeyskiy test range of the Training centre for air defence forces of the Russian Army (Krasnodar territory) will host the Serene Sky international competition for air defence system operators, tells the press service of the Southern military district.

On the competitor's list are more than 150 gunners from seven countries: China, Venezuela, Egypt, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, and Russia.

The competition stipulates specific routes to be negotiated by teams with live firings from KBM Igla  MANPADS and 23-mm ZU-23 twin-barreled air defence guns.

The Serene Sky international competition determines five legs: Leg 1 — sprint run for MANPADS crews; Leg 2 — sprint run for gun crews; Leg 3 — pursuit run for MANPADS crews; Leg 4 — pursuit run for gun crews;  Leg 5 — mixed relay of MANPADS and ZU-23 gun crews.

The sea-shore route length is 8.2 and 10.7 km.

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