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Names of best KBM designers in biographical encyclopedia

The Stolichnaya Entsiklopediya publishing house issued the second volume of the Russia's defence and industrial sector biographical encyclopedia. Statespersons. Enterprise heads. Scientists. Designers.

The tome brings articles about outstanding persons who made a considerable contribution to initiation and development of various sectors of the national economy including the defence and industrial sector.

The first issue was dedicated to the space-rocket sector, the second to the production of conventional armament, munitions, and special hardware, where KBM belongs to.

The second tom includes biographies of 43 KBM workers: bureau heads, Heroes of the Socialist Labour, State and Lenin prize winners. Just to name few: B.I. Shavyrin, S.P. Nepobedimy, N.I. Guschin, V.V. Grishin, V.M. Kashin, A.S. Ter-Stepanyan, and others.

The data about Kolomna designers for the compendium were prepared by V.V. Ushakova, KBM press secretary.

“A great deal of efforts were made, said Ms. Ushakova, in order to prepare materials for the book. You had to unearth lots of documents, file enquires with different institutions, get in touch with many people. It took not just a month. However, the result was worth the efforts.”

The books were handed over in the KBM conference hall. The meeting gathered both former and acting KBM workers. It became a festive occasion for old friends to share joy and memories. KBM contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic war, equipment of the Soviet and Russian armed forces with the best and most advanced weapons, establishment of the missile shield and strengthening of Russia's defence capabilities is immense. Each and every product had been made by people. Hundreds and thousands of them. Lots of them should have been rewarded and immortalized in books.

Those who didn't manage to attend at that day and relatives of the deceased will receive the encyclopedia at home. This is a souvenir to be bequeathed to children and grandchildren and which will never ever wane.

КБМ Коломна книга "Деятели ОПК" КБМ Коломна книга "Деятели ОПК"
КБМ Коломна книга "Деятели ОПК" КБМ Коломна книга "Деятели ОПК"