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Valery Kashin became honorary citizen of Kolomna

КБМ Коломна Кашин Валерий МихайловичThe resolution of the Council of deputies of the urban district of Kolomna, Moscow region, No. 30-RS dated 11 May 2016 confers the title of the Honorary citizen of the city of Kolomna on Valery M. Kashin, AO NPK KBM general designer, for substantial contribution to the socioeconomic development of the city and distinguished services in strengthening defence capabilities of Russia.

Valery M. Kashin is a scientist of world reputation in the field of engineering, including development of high-precision weapon systems, PhD (Engineering), member of the Russian academy of missile and artillery science, head of SM-6 chair at the Bauman MSTU, winner of the RF State prize in the field of science and technology (2007), double winner of the RF government prize in the field of science and technology (2009, 2015), bearer of the order for the Service to Homeland of 4th degree and the order of Honour, holder of the title of Honoured designer of the Russian Federation.

Valery M. Kashin graduated from the Bauman MSTU. Since 1974, upon completion of the post-graduate course at the Bauman MSTU, he has been living and working in Kolomna, more than four decades of his life are inseparably linked with KBM.

Valery M. Kashin is the world's leading specialist in high-precision weapon systems. He arduously participated in and supervised the development of a number of high-precision weapon systems substantially outperforming their foreign counterparts: Khrizantema-S, the world's first all-weather multipurpose antitank guided weapon system; Shturm-SM, advanced self-propelled antitank missile system; Ataka missile family; Igla-S, Verba MANPADS; guided weapon systems for Mi-28N, Mi-35M, Ka-52, Mi-8MN helicopters; Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile system; Arena active protection system for tanks; Blokada defence system for various assets.

It is greatly because of Kashin's efforts that KBM has survived in the years of the collapse of the country's military-industrial complex and is now standing firmly on its feet while evolving and expanding the scope of research work. KBM entered the world armament market, serialized some of its products. But of paramount importance is that KBM supplies the Russian armed forces with the best and advanced high-precision weapons to protect Russia's sovereignty and peace in the world.

KBM makes a considerable contribution to the development of Kolomna. It is ranked as the city's largest tax payer thus providing necessary amount of money to the city budget to implement various welfare programs. It employs more than 3500 citizens of Kolomna. KBM fosters the intellectual elite, promotes the prestige of engineers. It renders patronage assistance to high and higher educational institutions. You can't count them all.

Kashin's activities extend far beyond KBM. He is a member of scientific, dissertation boards of some establishments as well as of a number of scientific and technical magazines. He proactively exercises educational activities.

Valery M. Kashin is the author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 4 monographs and more than 80 publications, he was granted 58 invention certificates and patents.

Such persons as Valery M. Kashin are the pride of Kolomna fellow citizens.

We congratulate Valery M. Kashin on the just reward and wish him robust health, happiness, great achievements in his profession, and new accomplishments.