Back from corporate games with medal jingling

КБМ Коломна спортThe KBM team appears more and more successful after every next performance at Rostekh corporate games.

From the winter games conducted on 27 February 2016 in Moscow our athletes returned with 22 medals − a result better than that at the last Crimea summer games.

And this in the presence of the ablest sportspeople from member companies of the state-owned corporation arrived from all over the country and as far as Vladivostok whose only goal was to win.

KMB teams took gold medals in ice hockey, soccer, bowling, tug-of-war, volleyball, basketball, and in individual competitions at pull-up, backgammon (ladies), dueling shooting, snowboarding. KBM athletes also won 6 silver and 6 bronze medals. Only few competitors from the 91-person strong team left empty-handed whereas some brought two medals home.

KBM partook in 18 sports events out of 20.

Company management and trade union had done their best to ensure successful performance in the competition. The team was transferred to and from the games venue by a comfortable bus, stayed at a hotel with full boarding. Well rested, full of strength they were right on their mettle.

A great deal of work to draw up the team, provide it with sports outfits and equipment, execute formal procedures, settle everyday and other problems had been done by Yevgeniy Nikolayevich Lifaryov, KBM sports coordinator, who by the way won the gold medal in pull-ups.

The final balance is not made up yet. The calculations of points to determine places in the overall game rating are still running but one can be sure that the KBM team is going to be on the podium.

Hardly had the winter events finished when Rostekh announced the next due summer games. They are scheduled for 10 till 13 June 2016 and again in the Crimea. And as before we expect our team to be among winners!