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Housing problem

In 2013 KBM launched a program for its young specialists who purchased a flat through a mortgage that provides reimbursement of 7 of 12 percents of the interest rate on credit.

In May 2015 the housing program was adopted by the Vysokotochnyye kompleksy (High-precision systems) NPO JSC which includes KBM among other companies.

The provisions of the new housing program were enhanced and now cover a wider range of employees eligible for the financial support.

As before only those found in need of living accommodation are eligible for the program. There is however a change in the age bracket: previously it included only persons under 35 (young specialists and workers with the qualification category higher than 4), now it covers any employee from 21 till the retirement age.

Financial support is provided not only for purchasing but also rent, public utilities, house making. It consists in reimbursement of (1) interest rates on credits, (2) some part of the initial installment of purchase, (3) some part of the rent, (4) organizational, methodological and financial assistance in foundation of a building society by company employees.

The minimum length of employment with KBM is three years for purchasing, and six months for rent. It should be noted that this prerequisite doesn't apply to young specialists graduated from KBM-selected institutes of higher education, building-society members, and participants of the federal program for economy-class house making.

KBM has selected 11 core engineering institutes and universities that prepare students in specialties required by KBM. They include institutes graduating KBM-sponsored students.

Financial support for renting is available to persons without their own living accommodation in Kolomna and closest neighbouring  towns, the monthly contract-stipulated amount exceeding 30 percents of the payment to the tenant.

The financial support ceiling is 2 million roubles for purchasing and house making, and 1 million roubles for renting.

Of course, there is a bounding condition for help. The housing program is implemented with the purpose of fixing employees to the company. Those who are going to improve their living conditions with the help from KBM are subject to concluding an agreement with the obligation of working with the company for a given period of time − 2 to 10 years dependent on the amount of money received. If a help recipient quits the job, he or she must pay back the amount received.

The amount of financial assistance is calculated using individual coefficients of a given person. The coefficient increases with the level of qualification, length of service, and stands in reverse proportion to salary/wage. The increased coefficient is applicable in case of academic rank, inventions and rationalization proposals, awards/prizes, wins in workmanship competitions, scientific and technical conferences, tutorship, available living accommodation. And last but not least, the importance of the KBM employee from another town, his or hers contribution to development of advanced weapon systems.

An increased coefficient is valid for young specialists (at the age of up to 35) who graduated from a core institute.

There is only a single partner bank − Sberbank − for the Vysokotochnyye kompleksy (High-precision systems) NPO JSC.

The application is being examined by a housing commission headed by V.A. Konovalov, first general designer deputy and R&D and innovation director. The commission is composed of representatives from administration, economical services, HR service, judicial office, trade-union committee, council of young specialists, social development section, holding company. The housing commission meets on a quarterly basis.

Today, financial assistance is provided to 57 employees. Another 32 have received  commission approval and are in the process of receiving required documents.

According to A.V. Romankin, HR deputy director, KBM is the first member of the holding company that implements the housing program. Nowadays, not every enterprise can help their employees in improving living conditions. What is done by KBM characterizes it as a company caring for their employees, intending to build a united force in which every person considers himself as an indispensible, important component.