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Hockey-pitch battles

The KBM team won the third place in the Dmitriy Donskoy Cup arranged by the Kolomna amateur hockey league (KAHL).

Each team had played more than twenty matches within a time period of longer than four months. The ice at the Kolomna speed-skating centre was available in the late evening only, so the games started at 21:00 and 23:00 which  called maximum concentration and all physical efforts of players.

In the three-game play-off round the KBM team got the upper hand over one of the strongest competitors, the Severnaya zvezda (North Star) team of Nepetsino, and clinched the bronze medal.

The Raduga (Rainbow) of Raduzhnyy was the winner, the second place went to the Gladiators of Lukeryeno.

It was the first Dmitriy Donskoy Cup tournament.

According to the KAHL schedule, the next tournament is planned for this spring. The KBM team has already submitted its application.

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