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Awards to the worthy

KBM conducted the awarding ceremony for their best employees.

The first salvo of awards was dedicated to presentation of honorary diplomas and the Distinguished Service medals from the military and technical cooperation federal service which arrived a bit late to be conferred on the Day of missile forces and ordnance.

As second came the awards from the RF Ministry of industry and commerce to the developers of the Verba world-best MANPADS.

At the end, the Honorary machine builder title was conferred on P.P. Yevdokimov, leading design engineer, and V.Ye. Morgunov, bureau head of the mechanical workshop.

The award recipients were congratulated by V.B. Ryutin, KBM deputy managing director and HR director, and M.L. Katkov, chairman of the KBM-Kolomna primary trade-union organization who also expressed their hopes for further successes in strengthening Russia's defence capabilities.

КБМ Коломна награждение  КБМ Коломна награждение
 КБМ Коломна награждение  КБМ Коломна награждение
 КБМ Коломна награждение  КБМ Коломна награждение