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Public Council under the Ministry of Education summed up the results of the work over the expiring year



КБМ Коломна Иван ЛошинOn 22 December the Public Council under the Ministry of Education of the Moscow region held its meeting to sum up the results of the work over the expiring year. The meeting was presided by L.Ye. Lazitina, the co-chairperson of the council, chairwoman of the Committee on education and culture of the Moscow region.

As a council member, I.I. Loshin, KBM manpower development subdepartment head, participated in the meeting.

The report about the work done by the ministry was delivered by N.N. Pantyukhina, acting minister of education of the Moscow region. She highlighted issues connected with high schools and kindergartens.

Because of heated disputes only two out of six items on the agenda were discussed on the first day. The second issue was dedicated to discussions about results of the work of educational institutions subjected to an independent assessment of the quality of their educational activities.

So, the remaining items at issue were moved to the next session: «Outlook for creation of an accessible environment in general educational entities and preschool educational organizations of the Moscow region by the year 2018», «On public discussion about operational mode of general educational institutions (5- or 6-day learning week)», «Implementation of the Unified information system for accounting and monitoring academic achievements of students in general educational institutions in the Moscow region», «On the work of the Public Council in the year of 2015 and its goals for 2016».

"Compassionate approach of council members to their responsibilities cannot but make you happy", said I.I. Loshin. "Those people managed not to become bureaucrats. They do care. The don't do their job just for appearances' sake. As a representative of an employer I'm interested in the vocational education system in the first place. But it is inseparable from the general education system. Our common task is to minimize negative consequences of the educational reform and sustain the system of qualified staff training as a guarantee for the future of the Russian economy."