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Social partnership is the cornerstone

M.L. Katkov, chairman of the KBM-Kolomna trade-union organization, partook in the 10th plenary session of the All-Russian trade union of defence industry workers (Oboronoprof) on 9 December 2015.

According to Mr, Katkov, “It was the last but one plenary session prior to the 13th congress of the All-Russian trade union of defence industry workers. Special attention was paid to social partnership, a new statute of Oboronoprof  was approved, and the policy of trade union integration was embarked on.”

In the Soviet Union the trade union for DIS workers was united. The SU collapse resulted in trade union disintegration. The idea to make a fist out of separated parts to solve problems common to the defence industry sector seemed to be reasonable.

The issue of integration will be tabled at the congress.