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Basic knowledge for young engineers

КБМ Коломна кадрыFrom 10 November till 17 December KBM Young Specialist's School is holding classes with the purpose of helping beginners to faster adapt at a new workplace.

Classes are arranged by the personnel training department. Some lectures were already delivered by V.A. Konovalov, first deputy managing director, R&D and innovation development director; V.N. Kiryushkin, deputy managing director for economics and planning, other representatives of top management, middle-layer managers and specialists. No less interesting meetings lay ahead including that with S.V. Pitikov, KBM managing director.

The curriculum provides lectures about company structure, fundamentals on economic and book-keeping activities, major and most frequently asked legal problems, foreign economic cooperation, state secrets protection, methodological approaches to hardware design, key information about weapon system operation and maintenance, regulations in external data exchange, objectives of production development and others.

The classes gave the rookies basic knowledge about the company as a whole. Upon completion of study the young engineers shall exactly know what to do within the framework of the article's life in accordance with KBM intramural regulations starting from requirements specification to  handing over for service.

During classes the trainees are going to visit production facilities, the test range, and the KBM museum where they will become aware of the company history as an evolutionary chain of weapon system developments from mortars to latest guided missile systems.

КБМ Коломна кадры КБМ Коломна кадры КБМ Коломна кадры