Infantrymen and paratroops armed with Verba

KBM completed fulfillment of two contracts concluded with the RF MoD in 2013 for delivery of the last-generation Verba MANPADS sets to brigades and divisions.

According to contract provisions the first half of the delivery scope was supplied in 2014: two brigade sets for the Army and two division sets for airborne troops.

The same volume of deliveries was supplied in late November 2015 as stipulated in the contract.

KBM cooperating partners did a great job to ensure deliveries: Degtyaryov zavod JSC (city of Kovrov), Rubin JSC (city of Penza), Izmeritel JSC (city of Smolensk), Frunze R&PA JSC(city of Nizhniy Novgorod), Tulatochmash JSC (city of Tula), Shimko Radio'lektronika  JSC (city of Kazan).

The Verba MANPADS delivery set includes combat equipment (missiles and gripstocks), IFF equipment (IFF interrogators), fire control systems (mission planning, reconnaissance and control modules for all links of the combat unit hierarchy: from battalion commander down to MANPADS operator), aerial target detection equipment, maintenance facilities and training aids.

The materiel was handed over directly in combat units.

Although the Verba MANPADS retains the operational procedure typical of the Igla family, incorporation of new components requires acquisition of skills to operate the new equipment. It means use to the fullest extent of available aerial target detection equipment, cuing MANPADS operators on target coordinates, mission distribution, increased efficiency of combat unit activities.

Nowadays, the Verba MANPADS is the world's best weapon system in its category. Its major advantages over its counterparts are higher sensitivity, precision, counter-countermeasure capability, rejection of highly intensive decoys. The combat effectiveness of the system increased twofold due to the combination of incorporated innovations.