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Certificate of honour for cleanness

КБМ Коломна Госадмтехнадзор ВитушеваT.S. Vitusheva, head of the state administrative supervision authority of the Moscow region, paid a business and friendly visit to KBM.

The main purpose of visiting the southeast part of the Moscow region by the main advocate of cleanness in that zone was to inspect the Kolomna district, and particularly KBM lying both in the territory of the city and suburbs as one of the companies forming the economic base of the city.

Ms. Vitusheva noted perfect cleanness, order, and eye-caressing appearance of the internal and neighbouring KBM territory. The guest was shown the company's museum where she could get information about the history of the famous design bureau and the types of equipment developed by KBM.

Having expressed her thanks for an opened-arm welcome, Ms. Vitusheva wished KBM personnel further achievements in development of world's best military hardware, sustainment of positive environment for employees, development of the social support system.

Based on the visit results some KBM managers were presented with certificates of honour on behalf of the state administrative supervision authority of the Moscow region for merits in the domain of territory improvement and creation of comfortable conditions for the company's personnel.