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Sixth set for one sixth part of Earth

КБМ Коломна передача Минобороны ОТРК "Исказдер-М"Today KBM R&P Corp., JSC, and its cooperating partners delivered the sixth brigade set of the Iskander-M SRBM system to the Ministry of Defence under the long-term contract. Traditionally, the solemn ceremony happened at the Kapustin Yar test range. It was attended by Col. Gen. A.V. Galkin, commander in chief of the Southern military district; Maj. Gen. A.V. Dragovalovskiy, deputy head of Missile and artillery forces; V.M. Kashin, general designer of KBM R&P Corp., JSC; A.B. Shapovalov, general director and chief designer of THNIAG JSC; N.S. Neskoblin, first deputy general director and chief designer of THKB Titan JSC; F.Kh. Abdrakhmanov, deputy general designer of OKB Novator JSC; I.Yu. Churbanov, deputy general director of Votkinskiy zavod JSC and others.

Delivery of the set marked the completion of the fourth year of execution of the contract.

V.M. Kashin, general designer of KBM R&P Corp., JSC, told that “the past four years encompassed a huge scope of work. It was not easy to honour the pledge. The schedule was tight. Meeting deadlines was taken under strict control. The period of initial deliveries was used to improve set arrangements, series production, and materiel handing-over process. Nonetheless, KBM and its cooperating partners succeeded in accomplishing the state order. Behind today's solemn ceremony is painstaking work performed by employees and management of all companies involved.”

Up to date, KBM and its cooperating partners have been supplying the brigade sets at the price stipulated by the contract signed on 4 August 2011 in spite of all the problems Russia's economy and its defence industrial sector are suffering.

It should be noted that all these years the Iskander-M system has been experiencing upgrades and improvements. New missiles were developed. Now they include four types of endoatmospheric ballistic missiles and one cruise missile type. System power buildup is going on.