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Anatoliy Sapelnikov, the best CNC centre operator

The Best in profession competition among CNC centre operators took place at KBM.

A line-up of eight handsome young guys their eyes sparkling with enthusiasm is the elite, craftsmen succeeded in challenging workshop battles to represent their teams. Each mechanical production unit sent two specialists.

And now, the task papers and workpieces are handed out, manufacturing codes are loaded into the memory of sophisticated machine tools…  the work went into full swing.

The commission assessed the operators' qualification by two criteria: theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The machining of a workpiece included the maximum possible number of elements: surface, contour, recess, hole, thread, engraving. The competitors  had to display all their skills.

The evaluation board was headed by G.N. Devyatkin, deputy technical director for manufacturing – production head. A large scope of preparatory work had been performed by the personnel training unit. Workshop No.506, the place of competition, gave the guests cordial welcome and had done its best for them to feel comfortable, wrapped round in emotional warmth.

Each contestant was assigned a machine setup man because the CNC centres were not machines they used to operate at work where they could key in necessary commands blindfolded. The setters helped the guys come faster to terms with another's equipment which put all competitors on equal footing.

Each machined part was subject to rigorous check by N.A. Rodionova, quality department head, who worried about the competitors as if they were her own sons.

There was also some intriguing moment in the competition. One of the operators, Anatoliy Golovachov, representative of workshop No.506, completed the job just within 43 minutes while it took more than 70 minutes for more than half of his rivals to finish machining. By all appearances he was the winner! However, Anatoliy fall short one point at the theoretical portion which resulted in the second place only.

The first place went to Anatoliy Sapelnikov, also from workshop No.506, whose machining time was 52 minutes but he managed to do without mistakes at the theoretical exam.

The third place was taken by Igor Tyuta from the prototyping laboratory. The score he received was equal to that of Anatoliy Gollovachov. But it was the record machining time that tipped the balance in favour of Anatoliy.

All the operators demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the profession, their ability to pull themselves together, become focused. All participants were awarded keepsakes and the winners certificates to boot. In addition, they will be promoted in the skill category and this entails pay rise.

КБМ Коломна конкурс "Луший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Луший по профессии"
КБМ Коломна конкурс "Луший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Луший по профессии"