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Shavyrin's school alive and kicking

КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистовThe next due yearly scientific and technical conference of young specialists took place at KBM R&P Corp., JSC. The conference was arranged by the KBM service for personnel management and the Council of young specialists.

Lecturers and students of the Kolomna institute (branch) of the Machine building university were invited to the conference so that the future engineers could acquire practical knowledge and their teachers get additional information for improvements in the program of training specialists for KBM and kind of raise the level of their proficiency.

The conference was opened by S.V. Pitikov, managing director of KBM R&P Corp., JSC. He gave an introductory speech in which he voiced hope that participation in such a representative forum inspires confidence in young specialists and their own capabilities, gives an impetus to professional progress.

As usual, the conference was paid a great attention by V.M. Kashin, KBM general designer. He attended most reports. Nothing escaped him: be it a letter, an equation or a line in the drawing.

There was no proverbial room to swing a cat. This year's conference attracted a record number of participants: 50 persons. Almost all of them were KBM-sponsored students. And now after graduation and standing on their own two feet they develop advanced high-precision missile systems. Manufacturing process engineers and software engineers came from Kolomna institute (branch) of the Machine building university, design engineers are alumni of Bauman MSTU, Ryazan SRTU, Ustinov Voyenmekh Baltic STU, and Kolomna branch of MBU.

КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистов КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистов

The youth became aware of usefulness of scientific and technical conferences. It is an open secret that winners of previous years' conferences were promoted, got a pay rise and attention of company management, at the conference they got a chance to prove their mettle and they took it. Personal ambitions are the basis for a fruitful work of any team and its individual members. Nothing can be created without appreciation. This is human nature.

One third of reports was presented by manufacturing process engineers — an activity never seen before in production units. Young specialists from the theoretical department also gave a good account of themselves − they delivered 11 papers. 15 papers were received from three design departments. The subdepartment responsible for development of training aids prepared 4 reports. Regrettably, the research and technical units produced just isolated papers.

Often, the laser pointer dot jittered on the white board when the speaker made his presentation. Those on the waiting list got all wobbly. And there were good reasons for that because evaluation board members weren't softies. To deliver his report is just half the work. Are you able to defend your presentation? But every question that seemed to be tricky purposed not to ruin the speakers but teach them how to think wholistically, think over and understand the course of events from A to Z, not to consider themselves a cog in the machine.

КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистов КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистов КБМ Коломна научно-техническая конференция молодых специалистов

It was a real training. It had been an approach to teaching engineers practiced by KBM founder Boris Ivanovich Shavyrin himself, that is to do the work as a whole: develop the design, manufacture a prototype, test it, introduce into service and refine the manufacturing process for the full-scale production. It is important to be responsible not just for a small bit of work done by you as an individual but for the complete system developed by the entire design bureau. If you can handle your work in that manner, do not shrink back from obstacles, then you prove it to everybody that you are not just a design engineer but a manager and a leader too. Then, there is a chance that your name will be enchased with golden letters in the history of the national armament development.

No KBM tries a new generation of design engineers.

The conference is over. The evaluation board is given time to think over. The reports must be analyzed, and the many challengers has to be shortlisted to the most worthy. It wouldn't be a piece of cake.