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«Decadence» is another reality

КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим КорсаковAn exhibition of photo artist Maksim Korsakov opened in the Ozerov House culture centre, Kolomna.

Maksim Korsakov is a leading engineer with KBM subdepartment No.161. He works in a film and photo laboratory filming test processes. It is a very important stage of article development which allows designers to explore launches of full-scale articles frame by frame and analyze their behaviour.

The first high-speed motion-picture camera appeared at KBM in 1949. It was acquired after some day an explosion had torn away a safety device from a double loading unit and people at the test site had survived by a miracle.

It is not easy to work at a film and photo laboratory. Together with designers its specialists are living at test ranges, far away from comfortable and convenient life, working in the open under severe weather conditions. Nonetheless, the workaday life leaves some room for creative work.

Maksim gave his exhibition the title «Decadence». In his opinion it means break away from reality, fantasy, poetic manner of the art. According to his artistic design the author applies the strokes of an electronic paintbrush on the photographed image converting the picture of light into an artifact.

One would like to qualify the photographic images on display as photo expressionism. An art becomes the art when it can extract feelings and emotions of observers. And Maksim can do it. The photo artist possesses an amazing colour sense. He doesn't soften the colours. On the contrary, he provokes the spectator and let their inner and subconscious feelings erupt and drink in the beauty in one gulp.

КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков

He is deliberate in picking out models for his images. That's why his pictures are full of life. They seem to breath and even talk.

As Maksim told it at the exhibition opening, he is working with a whole team of like-minded persons. They invent images and stage plots, design and sew costumes, select scenery.

Maksim's friends animated the exhibition opening too. The Jute rock group played a music matching perfectly the twilight world of fantasy and made the exhibition feel offbeat, different, funny.

КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков

Decadence is already the fourth personal exhibition by Korsakov. One can see that Maksim is on the up and up, his hand changes becoming more perfect. His imagination knows no limits.

We congratulate the photo artist on his creative success, wish him not to stop at what has been accomplished and continue to make spectators happy with his skill, originality, talent, and beauty he creates from inside his heart.

КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков КБМ Коломна фотохудожник Максим Корсаков