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Tribute of respect to great missile designers

On the 68th anniversary of the day of launching the first Soviet aeroballistic missile A-4, the Avenue of Fame dedicated to general (chief) designers of modern missile, air defence weapons and radiotechnical equipment who devoted their lives to development and tests of advanced armament was inaugurated at the Kapustin Yar test range.

The first Soviet missile А-4, developed under chief designer S.P. Korolyov, was an equivalent of the German V-2 missile re-engineered and modified by Soviet engineers. It was launched on 18 October 1947 marking simultaneously two milestones: start of space exploration age and development of guided missile systems.

Since then the test range in the Astrakhan region had become the major site for tests of tactical and substrategic ground- and sea-based missile systems, air defence systems of the Air Force and Army, rocket systems, air and space research vehicles, cruise missiles.

The cooperation between KBM and Kapustin Yar test range began in 1970 with the tests of the Tochka high-precision tactical missile system. It followed with tests of other tactical and substrategic missile systems, MANPADS.

Among the persons represented at the Avenue of Fame are S.P. Nepobedimy, KBM head and general designer from 1965 till 1989, and V.M. Kashin, present KBM general designer, who attended the inauguration ceremony.

The test range continues to fly high the banner of the trailblazer for latest missile systems. It is now almost seven decades that the test range management and personnel has been making every endeavor to fulfil state-assigned missions and strengthen defence capabilities of the motherland. Inauguration of the Avenue of Fame is a respectable step to keep up for descendants the history which lives in every inch of the Astrakhan soil and every nook and cranny of the Astrakhan sky.


КБМ Коломна генеральный конструктор Капустин Яр КБМ Коломна генеральный конструктор Капустин Яр
КБМ Коломна генеральный конструктор Капустин Яр КБМ Коломна генеральный конструктор Капустин Яр