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KBM to shape education policy in Moscow region




Ivan I. Loshin,  KBM manpower development subdepartment head, joined the Public Council under the Ministry of education of the Moscow region.

The Public Council under the Ministry of education of the Moscow region was instituted by order No. 5050 of 7 November 2014 singed by N.N. Pantyukhina, acting education minister. The Statement sets forth that the collegiate body has to mediate between the Ministry of education and great masses of population on key socially important issues, assist the ministry in defining priorities for development and improvement of education quality, participate in discussions about major directions of development of the educational system, support public initiatives and conduct other activities to help the young generation in the Moscow region in receiving a worthy education and a start in professional life. The Public Council members are appointed after discussions with public, trade-union, parent-teachers' associations, scientific communities, educational institutions, and municipal authorities.

Ivan I. Loshin was nominated by vocational school No.30 which has a long-time fruitful cooperation with KBM in training working people.

The Public Council will meet in Krasnogorsk as often as once every quarter at the least.

The first meeting is scheduled for 5 February 2015.