Spartakiada-2015 opens with billiard championships

KBM Spartakiada -2014 is over. Viva Spartakiada-2015!

25 January, St. Tatiana day, marked the new year's first competition, the individual and team billiard championships.

It welcomed 24 men and 12 ladies who chose to take the cue and show who has the keenest eye and the surest hand. 

It took five and a half hours of game at the green-baize table of a rented room at the Viking club to find out the best players:

КБМ Коломна спорт


1st place: Andrey Rybakov, PTO engineer,

2nd place: Viktor Kononov, sector head, subdepartment 103,

3rd place: Sergey Voynov, acting bureau head.





КБМ Коломна спорт


1st place: Mariya Golubchikova, accountant,

2nd place: Anna Podrezova, production process enginner, workshop 506,

3rd place: Anna Rybakova, designer engineer, subdepartment 150.

 The first-place winner at the team competition was the team of the financial and economic service followed by the joint team of workshops 512 and 513 ahead of the joint team of NTN-3, 4, 5 and KO-12.

КБМ Коломна спорт КБМ Коломна спорт
КБМ Коломна спорт КБМ Коломна спорт
КБМ Коломна спорт КБМ Коломна спорт