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Tournament of the brawny

КБМ Коломна спартакиада армрестлинг

The individual arm-wrestling competition on 13 December 2014 became the final stage of KBM Spartakiada. 32 males declared their wish to face off in the tournament of the brawny.

The competition was arranged on the most challenging and protracted basis. The competitors measured strength of their left and right arms separately. Two defeats qualified for elimination.

Below are the lists of prize-winners grouped by weight:








КБМ Коломна спартакиада армрестлинг

Up to 70 kg:

1st place: Sergey Gorodnichev, production process engineer, subdepartment 517,

2nd place: Dmitriy Sinitsyn, deputy head on probation, subdepartment 517,

3rd place: Anatoliy Filtsev, designer engineer of 1st category, subdepartment 108.







КБМ Коломна спартакиада армрестлинг

Up to 90 kg:

1st place: Svyatoslav Rodionov, turner, workshop 512,

2nd place: Oleg Murakayev, engineer, subdepartment 528,

3rd place: Yevgeniy Zhulyayev, designer engineer, subdepartment 152.








Above 90 kg:

1st place: Mikhail Salnikov, production process engineer, subdepartment 113,

2nd place: Denis Dobychin, programming engineer, subdepartment 161,

3rd place: Igor Mozgolov, production process engineer, workshop 512.  







КБМ Коломна спартакиада армрестлинг

The tournament culminated in the absolute weight category competition where the winners had to oppose the former champion of Space forces and prize-winner in the city of Tver and Tver region Aleksandr Lipnitskiy, general service workshop head. Alekandr got the upper hand over both 70-kg and 90-kg winners (his own weight class). But the injury prevented him from facing off the above 90-kg champion. Nonetheless, Aleksandr Lipnitskiy was declared KBM's absolute arm-wrestling champion.