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To Win at Spartakiada Was a Piece of Cake

The KBM team won the Spartakiada (sports festival) dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Kolomna institute (branch) of Machine building university.

The host invited 12 teams composed of sports delegations from educational establishments and enterprises the institute co-operates. The invited sportsmen turned to be strong, well prepared and included a number of candidates for  master of sports and masters of sports. The contest was heated. The competition lasted from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., really, the full working day.

By the way, one of the Spartakiada participants was A.F. Marukov, the director of the MAMI Kolomna institute in person. He skated the required distance, swam 50 meters being in no way inferior to his young students.

The competition included four sports: table tennis, speed-skating, swimming, basketball (throwing a ball through a netted hoop).

The KBM team was completely composed of company winners and second- or third best sportsmen at contests conducted at KBM. So, our team was the first in speed skating, the third in table tennis, the fourth in swimming and basketball. The accrued score was the best by far, our champions proved their strength outside the company.

The silver medalist of Spartakiada was the Lukhovitsy aircraft college, the bronze medal was won by the MAMI Kolomna institute.

Praiseworthy was how excellent the contest was arranged. It took place at the Kolomna skating centre of Moscow region which offered all the required amenities. When the competition was over, the participants could swim and play in the gym to their heart's content. Meals were provided free of charge.

And at the very end, MAMI Kolomna institute students regaled their guests with a superb amateur arts concert. For the umpteenth time it was shown that people are talented for everything: sports, creative work, and selected profession. Who else but KBM employees to know this.

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КБМ Коломна спорт КБМ Коломна спорт
КБМ Коломна спорт КБМ Коломна спорт