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Mikhail Larin The Best KBM Turner

25 October 2014 was a day of the «Best in profession» contest at KBM. It was intended for turners. Eligible participants had to be under 35 and certified at the 3rd and 4th qualification level.

Contestants were nominated by workshop staff. As a result, eight young turners had to display their skills and abilities.

Before the contest kicked off, the participants were welcomed by the chairman of the contest evaluation board G.N. Devyatkov, deputy technical director for production, production head. The flag was dropped.

First, the contestants had to answer theoretical questions. Then, they were assigned a practical job – to turn a steel 45 mandrel.

КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии"
Future winners answer theoretical questions.
From left to right:
Svyatoslav Rodionov, Sergey Matin, Mikhail Larin
 Sergey Grakhov, workshop 508
КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии"
Dmitriy Demidov, LM-526 Vladislav Ionov, workshop 512
КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии" Дмитрий Демидов, ЛМ-526
Aleksandr Sidnin, workshop 512 Quality control

The demanding commission closely watched the process. The commission members included: A.N. Granov, chief production process manager; S.N. Tsyplakov, workshop deputy head; I.I. Loshin, personnel training subdepartment head; V.S. Gladkiy, QC bureau head; A.A. Yastrebov, work measurement engineer of 2nd category. Every machined part was scrutinized and measured to evaluate it by points.

Operation of the contestants was assessed by three parameters: theoretical knowledge, machined part quality, machining time.

The points scored for theoretical knowledge and machined part quality were approximately the same. So, the difference in skill manifested itself in machining time.

КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии"
Demanding commission Keepsakes

The fastest among contestants and with the excellent quality of the machined part became Mikhail Larin, 4th grade turner, workshop 504. Thus, he was proclaimed the winner.

He was followed by Svyatoslav Rodionov, 3rd grade turner, workshop  512, the third place was taken by Sergey Matin, 4th grade turner, workshop 504.

The winner and 2nd place holder were recommended by the evaluation commission for promotion in grade. The podium finishers and the 4th place holder, Ilya Voronkov, 4th grade turner, workshop 506, were going to get a cash bonus.

As a remembrance of the contest, each participant was given an honorary diploma and a table clock.

КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии" КБМ Коломна конкурс "Лучший по профессии"
Mikhail Larin, contest winner, receives the just reward A photo for a keepsake