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KBM Is The Best Scientific Entity within Russian MIC

KBM R&P Corp., JSC, was pronounced the winner of the Russian ministry of industry and commerce (MIC) competition «Entity of defence industrial sector (DIS) of high social and economic efficiency» in the category «Scientific DIS entity of high social and economic efficiency».

The competition rules specified three categories. The best manufacturing entities of high social and economic efficiency within the Russian MIC were found the «Sredne-Nevskiy shipbuilding yard» and «Bryanskiy electromechanical plant». The best integrated entities were declared «Vertolyoty Rossii» (Russian helicopters) and «Okeanpribor» (Ocean instruments). The competition commission chaired by A.V Potapov, deputy minister of industry and commerce, was unanimous.

There were 327 entrants to the competition which were included in the general DIS register and belonged to the MIC competence among them 90 production entities, 69 scientific entities, and  12 integrated entities incorporating 156 organizations.

The decision was made by evaluation of production/scientific activities and achievements in the social sphere for 2012 and 2013. The criteria included: rise in wages, improvement in occupational skills of employees, rationalization activity, rise in labor productivity, number of new jobs, social support activities, availability of dedicated departments in and links with higher educational establishments, conduct of sports events and many more.

All above criteria are met at KBM at a high level. The company is attractive for employees, its management fully understands responsibilities and liabilities to the staff. KBM has a strong trade union organization. You can feel the team spirit laid down by B.I. Shavyrin, KBM founder, and cherished by his followers. The higher management cares about employees. Labour laws are strictly observed, and social support is generously provided.

KBM victory is more than deserved. It is achieved by everyone at KBM.

The MIC competition commission recommended to nominate the category winners for the All-Russian competition «DIS entity of high social and economic efficiency». The results will be known in December 2014.