Verba for Army and Airborne troops

KBM R&P Corp., JSC completed delivery to the Russian Army a set of the latest Verba (“Pussy willow”) MANPADS for an Army brigade and another one for an airborne division.

All in all, this year KBM supplied two brigade MANPADS sets and two division MANPADS sets to the Russian Army.

The Verba MANPADS passed state trials in 2011. Its series production is a cooperation of leading Russian enterprises in cooperation. KBM is the leading company of the production team.

Verba systems are delivered as sets. Each set includes combat equipment, equipment for fire control, target detection and designation, IFF equipment, maintenance facilities, and training aids.

The principle of ‘turnkey’ deliveries when the user receives all components required for accomplishment of combat mission, system operation, checks, maintenance, and training became the trademark style of KBM pursued by the company the last years. This approach ensures full combat readiness of Army units, mastering and maintaining skills in operation of missile systems, improves their effectiveness.