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New Iskander-M Short-Range Tactical Ballistic Missile System for Army

КБМ Коломна ОТРК "Искандер-М"At the Combat training centre with the Russian army missile and artillery forces, 18 November 2014, on the eve of its main holiday, the Day of Missile and Artillery Forces, KBM handed over to the Russian MoD the second set of the Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile system in the current year.

The solemn ceremony of handing over was attended by Colonel General Zarudnitskiy, Commander of the Central military district; Major General Matveyevskiy, Chief of Missile and artillery forces of the Russian MoD; Valery M. Kashin, managing director and general designer of JSC «RPC «KBM»; A. B. Shapovalov, general director and general designer of Automatics and hydraulics central research institute; V.A. Shurygin,  general director and general designer of  Titan central design bureau, other top-ranking officers and heads of other component producing enterprises.

Overall, it is the fourth set delivered to the armed forces for the last two years under the contract of the KBM R&P Corp., JSC and the Russian MoD.

The major feature of the contract is that KBM is the sole-source supplier of the missile system. The company is responsible for arrangement of co-operation between more than 150 enterprises and compliance with the schedule of delivery of system components. The terms were observed to a day during the last two years. Moreover, obligations are realized ahead of schedule.

More than a month the team of specialists from KBM and cooperating companies spent at the Kapustin Yar test range with all the required hardware. The time was used to check the materiel and train crews to operate the combat system integrated into a single data network.