Valery Mikhaylovich Kashin

 КБМ Коломна КашинValery Mikhaylovich Kashin is First Deputy General Director of JSC «Hight-Precision Weapons», Managing Director and General Designer of JSC «Research-and-Production Corporation «Konstruktorskoye byuro mashynostroyeniya», full member of Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Science, winner of the State prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and engineering, winner of the State prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technologies, winner of the prize of the Russian Government in the field of science and engineering, PhD (Engineering).

Valery M. Kashin was borne 14 September 1947 in the city of Chernovtsy, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1971 he graduated with honours from the Bauman MHTS majoring in Production of aerial vehicles, in 1974 he completed postgraduate studies.

Since 1974 Valery M. Kashin has been working at KBM R&P Corp., JSC beginning as a design engineer through subdepartment chief and head of product division to First Deputy Chief Designer. In 2005 he became KBM Head and Chief Designer and since 2009 KBM General Director and General Designer.

The Military and Production Commission (MPC) under the Russian Government appointed Valery M. Kashin General Designer of substrategic missile systems.

Valery M. Kashin was a proactive participant in introduction and development at KBM of the first industry-branch Magistral CAD system, was among project managers for development of a unique active protection system (APS).

He participated in or was in charge of development of antitank, antiaicraft, and theatre high-precision missile systems with their performances equal or surpassing those of foreign counterparts.

Those missile system include a Khrizantema-S multi-purpose antitank guided weapon system, Igla-S man-portable air-defence system, Iskander-M theatre missile system, Ataka, Shturm missile family, Arena active protection system, Dzhigit support launching unit, guided missile weapon systems for Mi-28N, Mi-35M, Ka-52, Mi-28MN helicopters and others more.

To a large degree it is Kashin's efforts that made KBM to succeed in extending their foreign economic relations, entering the armament trade market. KBM R&P Corp., JSC is a multiple winner of a prestigious Golden Idea prize awarded for great contribution to development of export-oriented military products.

Valery M. Kashin doesn't limit himself to the activities within KBM only. He is member of the Expert Council for grants to workers of companies of the Russian military industrial complex established under the Russian ministry for industry and trade and member of the Scientific and technical council (STC) at the Rostekhnologii state corporation.

He chairs section No.5, Ground-based general-purpose materiel, of the MTC STC under the Russian Government; section No.1, Long-range missile systems, of research department No.1,  Missile Armament, of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Science. Valery M. Kashin is member of the Russian ministry for industry and trade STC presidum and heads the Production of conventional armament, munitions, and special chemical products STC section of the Russian ministry for industry and trade.

Valery M. Kashin contributes to leading scientific periodicals, he is member of editorial boards of such scientific and technical papers as «Oboronnaya tekhnika» (Defence equipment), «Voprosy oboronnoy tekhniki» (Defense equipment issues), member of editorial council of scientific and technical magazines «Boyepripasy i spetskhimiya» (Ammunition and special-purpose chemical) and «Boyepripasy i vysokoenergeticheskiye kondensirovannyye systemy» (Ammunition and energetic condensed materials).

Valery M. Kashin is the author of 140 scientific papers including 4 monographs, 5 teaching and methodological handbooks, he was awarded 55 invention certificates and patents.

Valery M. Kashin places emphasis on widening scientific and engineering resources of KBM R&P Corp., JSC. Now the company employs 5 doctors of engineering, 23 candidates of science, 12 postgraduates.

Kashin's special attention is drawn to renewing and securing highly skilled specialists at the company. On the purpose-oriented basis, every year more than 50 Kolomna school graduates are admitted to Russian leading higher-education institution: Bauman Moscow state technological university, Ustimnov Voyenmehk Baltic state technological university,  Ryazan radio engineering university, Kolomna MAMI institute (branch) and others institutes having agreements on cooperation with KBM. 

Valery M. Kashin is head of chair SM-6 at the Bauman MSTU, chairman of State certification commission at the Bauman MSTU for the Gunnery, artillery, and missilery course of study, member of thesis council DS 212.008.04 at the Bauman MSTU, member of thesis council DS 407.002.01 at TsNIAAG JSC, chairman of teaching and methodological commission for the Gunnery, artillery, and missilery course of study.

         Kashin's scientific work is honoured with an Author of scientific discovery medal from the Kapitsa Russian academy of natural science, Utkin Golden medal, Makeyev medal of the Russian cosmonautics federation.

         For his selfless work in the defence industry Valery M. Kashin is conferred the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, 4th degree, Order of Honour, and the title of Distinguished Designer of the Russian Federation.