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Scientific/research work and cooperation

Development of the best military hardware in the world is based on latest achievements in science and technology.

From the date of origin the Special design bureau (now JSC «RPC «KBM») was conducting extensive research that resulted in creation of the best mortars in the world. Relations with leading research institutes were initiated, strengthened, and broadened, innovative materials, components, and technologies were adopted.

In the early days of 1943, by order of Boris I. Shavyrin, the first bureau head, a technical counsel was established in the enterprise whose purpose was to preliminarily evaluate conceptual, technical and detail designs of weapon systems, performance reports, armament type plans, individual projects, issues put forward by the bureau personnel on their own initiative. Several years later the counsel name was changed to a scientific and technical counsel (STC).

The STC considers general issues of all missile systems under development and for the future. It also deals with issues of preparation by KBM employees of candidate's and doctoral theses.

The STC meets at least once a month. It includes Valery  M. Kashin, General Director and General Designer, Viktor A. Konovalov, First  Deputy General Director – R&D and Innovations Director, Sergey V. Pitikov, First Deputy General Director – Technical Director, heads of weapon-specific departments, leading specialists (totalling 21 persons). Scientific secretary is Aleksandr P. Shabalkin, D Phil (engineering).

KBM employs 6 doctors and 22 candidates of engineering, 12 postgraduates.

The research, scientific, and technical conference of young specialists is convened every year.


КБМ Коломна В. М. Кашин

Kashin Valery Mikhaylovich

Doctoral dissertation on classified subject defended at

Ustinov Voyenmekh Baltic state technological university (St. Petersburg)

in specialty 20.02.14 (Armament and military equipment) in 2009.

КБМ Коломна Б. В. Сухинин

Sukhinin Boris Vladimirovich

Doctoral dissertation on classified subject defended at

Kalinin Military artillery academy (Leningrad) in specialty 20.02.14

(Armament and military equipment) in 1990.

КБМ Коломна А. П. Шабалкин

Shabalkin Aleksandr Petrovich

Doctoral dissertation on classified subject defended at the 2nd MoD Central

research institute of the Russian Federation (Tver) in specialty 20.02.14

(Armament and military equipment) in 2003.

КБМ Коломна В. Г. Новиков

Novikov Valeriy Guryevich

Doctoral dissertation on classified subject defended at Mikhaylovskaya

military artillery academy (St. Petersburg) in specialty 20.02.14

(Armament and military equipment) in 2004.

КБМ Коломна А. С. Трушков

Trushkov Aleksandr Sergeyevich

Doctoral dissertation on classified subject defended at Tula

state university in specialties 20.02.14 (Armament and military equipment)

and 05.07.05 (Heat, electric rocket engines and powerplants of aerial vehicles ) in 2002.

Candidates of Engineering


Anischenko Vitaliy Grigoryevich

Subdepartment deputy head


Assatryan Andreas Seryozhevich

Subdepartment deputy head


Vukolov Aleksandr Sergeyevich

Head of research and engineering design direction — chief development direction designer


Goryunov Igor Fedorovich

General Designer Assistant


Gusev Dmitriy Valentinovich

Leading design engineer


Gladkov Vladimir Yevgenyevich

Leading design engineer


Yefremov Mikhail Ivanovich

Subdepartment head


Kazakov Nikolay Sergeyevich

Leading design engineer


Klochkov Aleksandr Sergeyevich

Leading design engineer


Kryuchkov Aleksandr Sergeyevich

Engineer, 1st category


Nemykin Valentin Danilovich

Subdepartment head


Nikitin Roman Vladimirovich

Subdepartment head


Potapov Mikhail Vladimirovich

Subdepartment deputy head


Pribylov Vladimir Timofeyevich

Subdepartment deputy head


Rodionov Konstantin Alekseyevich

Leading design engineer


Ryutin Valeriy Borisovich

Deputy General Director — HR director


Solodovnikov Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Head of Tula research and engineering design direction branch


Chekulayev Vyacheslav Vladimirovich

Leading design engineer


Khavayev Pavel Gennadyevich

Design engineer, 1st category


Khandogin Vladimir Anatolyevich

Leading engineer in human resources preparation


Shishkov Boris Borisovich

Chief specialist


Jakunov Maksim Aleksandrovich

Leading engineer

Candidates of Military Science


Bystryakov Sergey Anatolyevich

Leading engineer


Kotov Yuriy Petrovich

Leading engineer

Candidate of Chemistry


Gromova Tatyana Yuryevna

Laboratory engineer, 1st  category